What’s Your Personal Social Strategy?


Nearly half of college admissions officers look at applicants’ social media profiles.

Ninety-four percent of recruiters use LinkedIn to vet candidates.

Seventy percent of senior professionals say leaders who are active in social media make the company a more attractive place to work.

If you’re not already active in social media in a strategic way, it’s hard to ignore stats like these.

There are so many reasons to ignore social media all together or let your participation wane. Not enough time. Nothing interesting to share. Too much downside.

Yet there are real risks to staying out of the game all together, or staying on the sidelines.

Missed opportunities is the biggest one – in the form of valuable professional and personal relationships, exciting career opportunities, accelerated learning and development, and even fun and entertainment, just to name a few.

With so much attention on avoiding the downside of social media, not enough focus has been put on how social media can make your life better.

But the time conundrum is real. How do you begin? Where do you focus your time and energy? What social platforms should you use? How do you feed the content monster?

That was something Reese Witherspoon got me thinking about. She was the surprise speaker this month at a women’s leadership conference at Fullscreen, the global youth media company.

She was asked about how she’s been super successful in social media. And she talked about social media content creation for people as being a big white space that’s not fully being filled right now.

It was almost like a Legally Blonde moment of its own. A gasp and an a-ha moment on the order of, “I think I’ll go to law school!”

In a moment of clarity, I connected some dots. I love helping people tell their stories. I’m endlessly fascinated and intrigued by social media. And I’ve been advising people, professionally and personally, on their social strategies over the last few years.

How could this all fit together in new and different ways?

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