Over the Rainbow


“The transitions are just as important as the destinations,” our yoga instructor said this week.

His words reminded us not to rush to the next pose, but to enjoy the entire process. In essence, to enjoy the journey.

The yoga class was part of this week’s respite my husband and I enjoyed in Ojai, California. Known as the “unofficial zen capital of Southern California,” Ojai is an ideal place to refresh and renew.

While we enjoyed lunch outdoors by a much-needed heat lamp in the cool California sun, a few drops of water fell on our table. Looking up, we saw a rainbow.

Yes, that’s it in the picture above. I didn’t even have to move from my seat to take the photo. It was right there. Right where we already were.

As I thought about the proverbial pot of gold at the end of the rainbow, I realized I didn’t need to go looking for it.

Because as our yoga instructor wisely said, the transitions are as important as the destination. The view was beautiful right where we were.

That doesn’t mean we shouldn’t have goals and aspirations we strive for. Far from it.

But for someone like me who’s focused on the future almost to the point of overlooking the pricelessness of the present, this was a valuable reminder.

Over the rainbow is right here and right now. There’s a sweetness to the here and now. There’s a specialness in each moment of life, even as we plan for a better future.

Leaping into a new year, it’s important to enjoy the rainbows that are present every day. All it takes is looking for them.

Want to take a zen moment of your own? Let yourself be transported by Israel Kamakawiwo’ole‘s beautiful version of Over the Rainbow & What a Wonderful World.

Your rainbow is waiting, in the precious moments of everyday life.

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