Make the Most of What You Have


Sometimes it’s all too easy to think about the things you don’t have.

But writing down 3 things I’m grateful for every night has had an interesting benefit. It reminds me to to take full advantage of everything I already have.

Here are a few examples:

Your employer. Are you taking advantage of on-the-job and other learning opportunities at your company? I thought about this today as I completed an online marketing course on building strong brands through my company’s learning portal. It’s a blessing to be in an environment that invests in and focuses on learning and development for the future.

Your professional association. If you belong to a professional group, are you taking full advantage of the many networking, learning and leadership opportunities? I enjoy the webinars available through organizations such as IABC, PRSA and SHRM, plus the great professional networking in the Forum Group of senior-level corporate communicators.

Your alma mater. Are you involved with your college or grad school? There are great opportunities to give back through volunteering, mentoring and speaking. And you have a built-in network at your alma mater. If you live nearby, you can attend sporting and cultural events.

Your library. Many libraries are providing all kinds of new services, from e-books to the online learning platform. I love the “new releases” section of my library, where I can load up on interesting books for free.

Your gym. Is there a new class you could try at your gym? They’re often included with the membership and are a great way to add variety to your fitness routine. I’ve enjoyed sampling a variety of yoga classes, adding stretching and balancing to my cardio and weight program.

Your video provider. What are you streaming these days? I love my DIRECTV app and the apps I can access with my subscription, like HBO GO and TVLand. (Full disclosure: I work for this company and opinions in this blog are my own.) Great entertainment is always with my on my phone or tablet.

Your smartphone. How can your smartphone make your life easier? What new apps can you download? Your smartphone connects you to practically everything and everyone. A good question to ask when starting any new project is how you can do it on your smartphone. Mine is coming in especially handy for my daily 10 minutes of Spanish study on my Rosetta Stone app.

Your community. What’s going on in your community? Are there free concerts coming up this spring and summer? Other information and learning opportunities? These are great ways to connect with your neighbors and get more enjoyment from the community you call home.

How do you make the most of what’s already in your life?

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