Giving Thanks


Gratitude gets a lot of positive press these days. As well it should.

It’s all too easy to overlook the many things we have to be grateful for. As my daughter often reminds me, we have first-world problems.

Reflecting on today’s Thanksgiving festivities, I’m grateful for being reminded that life is about much more than my list of things to do. It’s about special people, memorable moments and unprecedented freedoms.

What a blessing it was to look around our living room and see three generations of family members laughing together and enjoying each other’s company.

There is so much promise ahead for the youngest family members. Our nephew graduated from college this year. His cousin, a college senior, joined us because his family is in Ohio. My daughter is completing her college applications this weekend.

As much as I’m driven to get everything finished, today I set my list aside for the most part. I enjoyed getting our home ready for visitors. I enjoyed helping my husband cook dinner (thankfully, he’s a great cook). And I enjoyed our dinner conversation.

No awkward questions. No political discussions. No disruptive drama.

Just family, friends and love.

How can we all take a little Thanksgiving with us, every day of the year?

We can do it by remembering what’s important in our lives – wonderful people to love, interesting work to do and a grateful heart to give thanks.

As I embark on my learning project, I’m refining my “daily dozen” of important things I do every day. One of them is to write down 3 things I’m grateful for at the end of each day.

Today I’m most grateful for my family, for our great country and for this blog.

It’s through writing that I stay calm and confident in my ability to solve any problem and surmount any obstacle. It’s through writing that I find new insights and ideas. And it’s through writing that I can express gratitude.

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